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6 countries Georgia to receive foreign travelers with a negative PCR test from today

Natia Taktakishvili

01.03.21 11:30 822 ნახვა

The list of countries whose citizens can enter the country through the Georgian air border with a negative PCR test is extending today.

As of the decision of the Government of Georgia, citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus can enter the country with the negative PCR test. COVID-test must be conducted within the last 72 hours. The visitors must arrive by air, as the land borders are still closed.

Moreover, international travelers must conduct PCR Test on the third day of their arrival with thier own funds.

The citizens of the following countries can enter Georgia through the air boarder:

• EU Member States
• State of Israel
• Republic of Turkey
• Switzerland
• Kingdom of Norway
• United States of America
• United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• State of Qatar
• United Arab Emirates
• Kingdom of Bahrain.
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