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Chaotic Construction Doesn't Stop In Gudauri - Association

Natia Taktakishvili
14.12.22 11:51
Gudauri finds it difficult to find new investors, - according to Gega Salukvadze, president of the Georgian Mountain Resorts Business Association. As he told BMG, chaotic construction doesn't stop in Gudauri.

"There are positive, as well as negative events. We know that Bakuriani is preparing for the 2023 championship, for which the infrastructure is organized and Bakuriani has become rather modernized. But, on the other side, if we look at the development of Bakuriani, there is complete chaos in this direction, the same is happening in Gudauri.

Although Gudauri has not yet reached such a point, the same will happen here. Mountains are dug directly in Gudauri, even the terrain cannot stop private individuals. Gudauri is facing the same danger that happened to Bakuriani. In addition, it is difficult for Gudauri to find an investor, and most importantly, competitors are appearing in the region, and we cannot achieve any results with such development. It is losing its rating more and more. There is a difficult situation in terms of construction, in addition to this, booths are placed without permission in any place, without any agreement and planning. Mountain resorts today need access to long-term capital, not to sell coffee from a booth for GEL 10 today. This will not develop the resort," says Gega Salukvadze.

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