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Chocolate Sales Up By 200% Y-O-Y - "Mouth Melters"

Erekle Loladze, the founder of the local chocolate producer company "Mouth Melters" declares, that the chocolate sales have increased by almost 200% y-o-y.

As the manufacturer notes, in recent years, skepticism regarding local products has disappeared, and the tradition of giving chocolate as gifts has been established in the country. Accordingly, along with individual sales, corporate orders also increased.

"Compared to the previous year, we have increased the chocolate sales by about 3 times. Earlier, if the sales were high before the New Year, now we are working at full capacity throughout the year. I think the reason for this is that we found the right target audience, who needed this product. These were the companies that wanted to make an expensive gift for their partners and those people who were also looking for high-quality chocolate with good packaging as a gift," Erekle Loladze noted.