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CROSTY announced very first Georgian digital sneaker collection

11.07.22 17:23

Georgian designer sneakers brand - CROSTY added the first Georgia digital sneakers to its SS22 collection. CROSTY is the first Georgian brand to join the world of evolutionary, digital fashion.

"This is a whole new way to experience CROSTY. It’s a way that transcends physical products to explore the possibilities of the metaverse. Our first collaboration with DressX allows anyone, anywhere, to find freedom in the next evolutionary fashion through our digital models” - says Shota Mikaia, commercial director of CROSTY.

Customers can view and purchase the collection exclusively on dressx.com. Dressx is an online store that offers customers designer collections using AR technology. In an online store the customer selects the desired product, but instead of the delivery address, they simply upload the photo that DressX handles and put the desired product on the customer in the photo.

The development of digital technologies has had a significant impact on the fashion industry. It is gradually becoming more important for people.That’s why leading fashion brands have actively started to adapt to new technologies, which allows customers to get Brand Experience differently. Also main attention goes to develop so-called Metavers. It’s a reason why the most popular social network Facebook has changed its name and called Meta. Shopping is an important part of the Metavers concept, the company has already announced collaborations with the world's largest fashion brands. That’s why other brands today are also thinking about how to create a customer experience in the virtual world.

Creating a digital collection for CROSTY is the first step in this direction. The brand plans for the future is to adapt with new technologies - cryptocurrency payments, decentralized networks, NFT collections, metavers etc.

We have re-imagined our CROSTY DRO design with bold neon colors to match the evolving digital fashion standard! Join us on a future adventure into digital fashion and the metaverse.