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Education system is naturally a key tool for the creation of new opportunities for the youth - PM

ირაკლი კობახიძე

Georgia has profoundly talented youth! Realization of your talent is important not only for your personal success, but primarily for the development of our country! It is an essential condition for the development of our country! It was announced by Irakli Kobakhidze, Prime Minister of Georgia when delivering a keynote speech at the event organized by the Ministry of Education, whereby Giorgi Amilakhvari [Minister of Education] presented a new Vision on Youth Policy to the general public.

According to Irakli Kobakhidze, creation of wide opportunities for the development of youth should be a topic of special care from the Government of Georgia and it will essentially be so.

"Education system is naturally a key tool for the creation of new opportunities for the youth. A new, 4-year plan for the development of our country is being developed and will be presented to the society this autumn. It will particularly focus on the education and youth. Our aim is to carry out wide-scale projects to ensure the access to education of international standards in the country. According to our vision, infrastructure - including that of the state universities - should be essentially upgraded so that students gain wider opportunities for realizing their interests and knowledge acquisition. Also, special attention will be paid to the development of sports, which is particularly important for the youth, naturally. One of the significant parts of the plan will be to develop the sports infrastructure both in the capital city and in regions. University-led sports infrastructure will be upgraded and school-led infrastructure will be developed. It is also an integral and significant part of our 4-year plan.

Of course, authorities will pay special attention to the ignition of national-patriotic spirit and establishment of a high civic awareness among the youth when developing the wide opportunities for personal development. With this aim, Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia will be carrying out respective reforms at every tier of the education system" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Head of Government of Georgia paid attention to the new policy document encompassing the national goals of general schooling developed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia. According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, it is a project that aims to create such environment at schools that will lead to raising a generation with national-patriotic spirit, geared at personal development, respect of family values, internationally acknowledged universal ethics principles and democratic values.

"These visions will be naturally and in due manner reflected in the general policy vision of the youth. The Government of Georgia, Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia, Youth Agency will be implementing an effective and consistent policy with an active engagement of the youth in the coming years.

Once again, I wish to note that a wide-scale paid internship scheme will be launched this year for new graduates to enable thousands of people to gain very wide internship opportunities both in the public and private sectors of the country. It will be a unique opportunity for letting the students - graduates - make successful first steps in the professional world. Paid internship program will gain its final form on the grounds of consultations with the youth. In the coming days, the Ministry of Education will be presenting its first document - Preliminary Vision. Afterwards, consultations will be held with the youth. Wide-scale Paid Internship Program will be launched this autumn for our youth, our new graduates" stated Irakli Kobakhidze.

By the close of his speech, the Head of Government of Georgia expressed gratitude to the management of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth, personally the Minister, Deputy Ministers and each staffer of the Ministry.

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