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Electricity Problem Still A Challenge In Svaneti - Bude Mestia

21.12.22 17:00

Last winter, hotels in Mestia faced a significant challenge. A few days ago, tourist season was officially opened in Mestia. BM.GE was interested whether the electricity problem was solved in Svaneti this year. The owner of "Bude Mestia" Tatia Tetrashvili declares that the issue of electricity supply is not solved yet.

"I can't say that the electricity problem in Svaneti has been solved, but at the moment it doesn't seem to be a problem, because now there is not a big load. As soon as the tourist season starts and the load increases, we don't know what will happen, this is a cause of the constant disorder. I think that nothing has been solved and the problem remains a problem. We are equipped with the necessary equipment, we have several amplifiers otherwise we will not be able to receive guests, we cannot even operate washing machines without amplifiers," said Tatia Tetrashvili.

As for the occupancy of hotels and the number of tourists, according to Tetrashvili, the activity is less at the moment, although they have the main reservations for the New Year.

"In general, I cannot say that it is an active period, we have the main bookings during the New Year, in general, the statistics of pre-bookings in Mestia are reduced, I do not know the exact reason for this. The summer was very good, many tourists visited us, we have positive expectations for the winter season as well," explains the founder of Bude Mestia.
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