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Freight transportation via TRACECA grows 30%

17.02.23 12:28

In 2022, 51,420,600 tons were transported through the Azerbaijani section of the Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA), and the cargo turnover amounted to 12,648.9 million ton-kilometers, up 29.8% and 31.9%, respectively, from the previous year, Report informs referring to the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan.

In the reporting period, 27,966,800 tons or 54.4% of cargo was transported by road, 16,841,200 tons or 32.7% by rail, and 6,612,600 tons or 12.9% by water transport.

The share of transit cargo accounted for 26.5% (13,634,600) tons total cargos transported through the corridor.
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