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Fuel Is Becoming More Expensive, Diesel Price Exceeds GEL 4.70

Natia Taktakishvili
04.07.22 17:00
Fuel is getting expensive. In recent days, the prices at branded gas stations have increased again.

Starting from June 21, fuel prices in Wissol chain have been changed by 5-19 tetri for different categories. Diesel is especially expensive. Among them, the price of Eco Diesel increased by 19 tetri and now costs GEL 4.76, after the increase of 18 tetri, the price of Euro Diesel is GEL 4.72.

There is a trend of price increase in SOCAR chain as well, where price growth made up 5-11 tetri. There is a 7-10 tetri price increase in the Gulf brand operating car service chains.

"The situation with diesel fuel is critically difficult because international diesel prices have increased significantly according to Platts, the second factor is that there are now big problems with supply. There has been no diesel delivery from Azerbaijan for more than 2 months and this is a fact. The reason is the reequipping of the Azerbaijan diesel production plant. 40-45% of the diesel sold in Georgia came from Azerbaijan and the logistics chain was quite short. In addition, diesel fuel arrives from Russia with considerable delays. These factors increased the price of diesel by 40-45 tetris in one month," Vano Mtvralashvili, head of the Union of Petroleum Products Importers, explained to BM.GE on June 29.

Sharp price volatility remains in the international market, however, after USD 125 mark in mid-June, the price of Brent crude oil has decreased. The price of 1 barrel of Brent as made up USD 112.3 at the trade, held on June 4.