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George Gray Winery's Colored Wine Shade Was Exported To Ukraine

George Grey Winery

George Gray Winery's colored wine Shade was exported to Ukraine for the first time after the rebranding. Local wine producer George Gray Winery started producing colored wine a few years ago under the name "Kesane" and "Blue Wine".

The goal of the company was to offer customers a new type of colored wine every year, which is strictly followed by the company. This year, George Gray Winery's colored wines underwent a rebranding and were introduced to the market under the Shade name.

Giorgi Rukhadze, the founder of the company, told BM.GE that after the rebranding, the company exported colored wine in small volumes to Ukraine.

"We produce wine of different colors and this process will not stop. Every year we will offer a new type of wine to the market. This year, we kept the promise by producing purple wine, which differs from blue and green wine in that it is dry," Giorgi Rukhadze notes, adding that next year the work on the expansion of export markets for this brand of wine will continue.

Today, George Gray Winery produces 15,000 bottles of colored wine under the Shade brand. The price of one bottle wine amounts to GEL 56.