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Georgian Donkey Might Be Exported To China - Donkey Farm Sakhe-Dari

25.07.23 17:00
Donkey milk-producing farm Sakhe-Dari sells over 800-liter milk during the year. As Temur Lomidze, the founder of the farm, explains to BM.GE, the business has already overcome the low awareness about the donkey milk, and now the demand is stable.

In addition to donkey milk, "Shake-Dari" sells various products made from it, including cosmetic creams and soaps. The founder of the farm wishes to bring all these products together in one sales space, however, at this stage, due to lack of access to finance, he cannot implement this plan.

Despite the challenges, "Shake-Dari" is developing and, along with the expansion of the assortment, it also goes outside the country.

"We have an offer from China, they want to buy 4,000 or 5,000 donkeys per year, we are still holding negotiations," Temur Lomidze said.

Donkey milk-producing farm "Sakhe-Dari" opened 7 years ago. One liter of milk costs GEL 70. “Shak-Dari" farm has 120 donkeys.