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Georgian fast food chain "City Chicken" has expanded

City Chicken

Georgian fast food chain "City Chicken" will open two branches in Tbilisi this year. "City Chicken" founder Zaza Gelashvili told BMG about it. According to him, if a stable situation is maintained in the country, two branches will be opened in neighboring countries in 2025.

"Our goal is to make our product available to as many customers as possible. Based on the fact that 2023 turned out to be quite stable for the businesses and tourist flows increased as well, our sales also grew, so we decided to expand.

We will start from Tbilisi, then we will probably go to the regions, and if everything goes according to plan, we will make Georgian fast food products available in neighboring countries as well," says Zaza Gelashvili.

"City Chicken" has been operating in the local market for about three years. At this stage, "City Chicken" has two restaurants throughout Tbilisi and offers customers fried, crispy chicken bars, wings, rolls and other products.