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Georgia's Economy And Business Should Be Internationally Competitive - Managing Partner Of BDO


09.06.23 13:00 267 ნახვა

The managing partner of BDO, Zurab Lalazashvili, spoke about the economic relations between Russia and Georgia while visiting TV-program "Analytics". According to him, Georgia has somehow "turned towards Russia", which will endanger the long-term and stable development of the country.

"In general, what happens in the country depends on the policy of the government. In the end, the government is responsible for both good and bad. When we say that it is acceptable for the population and the government is working on the fact that in a year we received high economic growth, many tourists and a lot of money from Russia, we should look at the long-term perspective, whether this will be good for the country or not. This is to some extent turning our country towards Russia", said Lalazashvili.

As for the responsibility of business, he says that the businesses should determine how to act based on their values.

"For the long term, Georgia needs strong institutions. It is easy for a business to export products to Russia, but it is difficult to export to Europe, it means that you are not competitive. Georgia will become strong if it can produce internationally competitive products and services", - Lalazashvili noted.
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