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Georgia’s Trade Turnover Is Up By 12.5% With Azerbaijan

30.09.21 11:00

I have reviewed the statistics and noticed that we have made significant progress in terms of economy and trade volumes, - stated Ilham Aliyev at the meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

According to official data, the commodity turnover of the countries in January-August 2021 amounted to USD 689.4 million, which is 7% of the total turnover. This figure is 12.5% higher than last year (USD 612.8 million) turnover and almost equals to the data of 2019 ($ 690 million).

Accordingly, Georgia earned USD 346.9 million in exports of goods to Azerbaijan in 8 months, which is 22.1% more compared to the same period last year. As of Geostat, it turns out that Georgia has sold the largest number of cars in the neighboring country this year.

TOP-10 Export goods:

1. Cars – USD 163.2 million;
2. Tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes - USD 15.1 million;
3. Telephones, for cellular networks or other – USD 11.6 million;
4. Cattle, livestock – USD 11.3 million;
5. Trucks - USD 10.7 million;
6. Packaged medicines - USD 10.6 million;
7. Cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes from tobacco or its substitutes - USD 9.2 million;
8. Cyanides, oxidants, complex cyanides - USD 9.1 million;
9. Cotton from textiles - USD 8.7 million;
10. Containers made of paper, cardboard, cellulose fiber cotton or canvas - USD 8.6 million.

In 8M2021, exports of the commodities to Azerbaijan exceed the data of 2020, as well as 2019 (USD 322.6 million) and 2018 (USD 300 million).

As for imports, in January-August it increased slightly compared to exports - by 4.2% and amounted to USD 342.4 million. Azerbaijan has a 5.6% share of importing countries. It is not surprising that Georgia buys the largest amount of oil and electricity from its neighbor.

TOP-10 of goods imported in 8 months of the current year:

1. Petroleum gases and gaseous hydrocarbons other – USD 126.6 million;
2. Oil and oil products – USD 78.7 million;
3. Electricity – USD 23.3 million;
4. Carbon steel rods, without further processing - USD 21.2 million;
5. Petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen and other oil refining wastes - USD 20.7 million;
6. Cement - USD 18.1 million;
7. Tea, flavored or non-flavored - USD 3.1 million;
8. Oil of sunflower, alisarch or cotton and their fractions - USD 2.7 million;
9. Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms - USD 2.5 million;
10. Plaster; Anhydrite - USD 2.3 million.
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