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Gov't Increases Scholarships For Leading Students


The government has announced an increase in scholarships for high-achieving students in Georgia. Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili revealed that the scholarship amount for 5,000 top students will be doubled, with each student now receiving a monthly scholarship of GEL 300.

Furthermore, the government is committed to strengthening its support for talented students pursuing studies at the world’s leading universities.

“In line with our ongoing efforts, we are committed to reinforcing this initiative,” stated the Prime Minister. “Our newly appointed Minister is actively working in this direction.”

Garibashvili highlighted a previous initiative that sent more than a thousand of the best students to study abroad at top universities for free, noting that such individuals would come back and contribute to both the public and private sectors.

“The second aspect of this initiative aims to support talented students with the best academic performance in Georgia. The existing program offers GEL 150 scholarships to approximately 2,500 students. The government has decided to double this scholarship amount to encourage and reward their achievements. Starting today, these scholarships will amount to GEL 300 per student, benefiting 5,000 outstanding students across the country,” the PM added.