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Our People, Our Gov't And Our Authorities Deserve Candidate Status - PM


My message is simple - we, our people, our government and our authorities deserve candidate status, because we did our best in this short period of time, Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili told reporters in Brussels.

According to the Prime Minister's assessment, everything will be fine and Georgia will continue reforms and coordination with European partners even if the status is granted.

"Georgia conducted a very transparent process and we implemented all 12 recommendations as much as possible and we did our best in this short period of time. This process was very transparent, open and, unfortunately, it must be said that there were too many obstacles, too many artificial barriers created by the opposition, but in the end, today, we have positive expectations, which are the following - taking into account everything we did, as well as the geopolitical situation, the situation that has been created in the world, as well as the precedents that were created last year, when Moldova, Ukraine and Bosnia Herzegovina were granted candidates status, which were and still are quite behind Georgia, I am looking forward to the decision on November 8 and then to the final decision in December with great optimism. Of course, I don't want to say more than that to our people. Now we have to wait for the decision of our European colleagues. I want to tell you that we are in systematic coordination with our European colleagues.

Recently, we have had a very active coordination and interaction with our European colleagues, there have been a number of clarifications. We showed even more impressive progress in a relatively short period of time, a few weeks, which I mentioned during my meetings. Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting with Commissioner Várhelyi and I would like to mention here that I personally and our government are very grateful to Commissioner Várhelyi, who is one of the open and strong supporters of our country's European integration and a supporter of the country getting candidate status. My message is simple - we, our people, the government and the authorities deserve candidate status, because we did our best in this short period", said the Prime Minister.