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Hotels Federation founder: Georgia is sleeping and it must end

20.01.21 11:00

Hotels Federation founder Shalva Alaverdashvili told BM.GE, that every country is trying to attract tourists and if Georgia does not open, vaccinated tourists will go to a country where they will receive better conditions and offers.

Alaverdashvili notes, that Georgia is sleeping and it must end. The country needs a plan how to "revive tourism sector from dead”.

"We must bring these people on charters and not with fully open borders so that we are not blamed for the deteriorating epidemiological situation. Our partners are ready to cooperate on the terms we want and pay for it”, Alaverdashvili said.
Hotels Federation founder requires to allow them attracting money into the country so that state officials can receive salaries.

“Give us the opportunity to work and make money on our own. We do not want any subsidies, on the contrary, we will give money to the budget”, Alaverdashvili declares.

According to him, if the winter resorts do not open on February 1, it will no longer make sense to open them in March. As a result, people are unable to pay utility bills and businesses can no longer cope with the financial crisis. "Therefore, jointly we will find a solution how to recover tourism," Shalva Alaverdashvili added.
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