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How Does "Chirina" Industry Work?

02.06.23 15:00

Company "Chirina", which produces poultry products under the "BIU-BIU" brand in the local market, has completed its development project. The founder of the company, Revaz Vashakidze, noted that since 2012, a total of GEL 265 million has been invested in the development of production and poultry farming.

The businessman also talked about the production capacities and noted that 3 such farms are needed to meet the current demand in the country.

"The project, started in 2012 has been completed. As a result, we have efficient broiler chicken production. Our production parameters are 25,000 tons of chicken meat, it is a vertically integrated complex, and we produce approximately 20 million broiler eggs, and we can produce 18 million chicks annually. Roughly speaking, we produce 6 chickens per inhabitant per year. Today, fully 48 farms are divided into 3 clusters.

In order for Georgia to be fully satisfied with chicken production, it is necessary to create three such complexes, such as "Chirina". The demand in the country is partly met by local production, but a large part accounts for the imports," said Vashakidze, adding that the company contributes GEL 20 million to the state budget per year.
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