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How Many Flights Will Be Operated From Kutaisi Airport in October?

Natia Taktakishvili
07.10.21 10:30
United Airports of Georgia declares, that amid pandemic a positive dynamics of air traffic is observed at the renovated Kutaisi International Airport.

According to the Agency, the passenger flow has recovered by 48% in September 2021 at Kutaisi International Airport, compared to the same period of the previous year. The air port has served 43,926 passengers (September 2019 - 91,713 passengers).

United Airports of Georgia notes that in addition to passenger traffic, there is a positive dynamic in terms of flight recovery at Kutaisi International Airport. In September, the airport resumed 64% of flights and served 192 flights (September 2019 - 302 flights).

United Airports of Georgia reports, that 3 airlines are operating at Kutaisi International Airport at this stage, they fulfill flights to 20 destinations in 11 countries.

"As of today, three airlines fulfill direct flights from Kutaisi International Airport to 20 destinations, including 4 destinations in Kazakhstan and 15 destinations in Europe. In September, 163 direct flights were operated from David Agmashenebeli Airport.

From October 31, our strategic partner Wizz Air will resume direct flights from Kutaisi to Barcelona. This will be the only direct route that will connect Georgia with Spain," said Tamar Archuadze, director of the United Airports of Georgia.

According to the United Airports of Georgia, in October, 121 regular flights will be launched from Kutaisi International Airport to Europe, while 47 regular flights to Asia.

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