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How Much Revenue Does Georgia Get From The Movement of The Trucks?

04.01.23 17:00

The income from road shipments exceeded 100 million for the first time in history.

In particular, in 11M2022, the revenue from road use amounted to USD 112.10 million in the budget of Georgia, this figure is almost 1.7 folds higher than the total data for 2021.

Only in November, 38,792 trailers passed through the corridor of Georgia, and the contribution to the budget was GEL 13,577,160.

If compared to the data of November 2022, the number of trailers in the corridor increased by 57.5% or 14,177 units.

Revenue from road usage:

• 11M2022 - GEL 112.1 million
• 11M2021 - GEL 60.5 million

The increase in revenue from road usage was caused by two factors - freight shipments increased in the corridor of Georgia, and the road toll costs increased from 2022. If each trailer moving on the roads of Georgia paid GEL 200 for road use until June 20, 2022, after June 20 the tax increased to GEL 350.
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