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How Much Taxes Did The Gov't Collect This Year?

Natia Taktakishvili
25.11.22 16:00
The Ministry of Finance published the 10-month report on the performance of the 2022 budget. According to the document, the budget mobilized taxes of GEL 11.7 billion, which was 81% of the plan for the whole year. Among them, the largest amount, GEL 4.9 billion entered the budget from Value Added Tax.

Budget performance according to the taxes:

• Income tax - GEL 3.8 billion, 84% of the annual plan;
• Profit tax - GEL 1.65 billion, 90% of the annual plan;
• Value added tax - GEL 4.9 billion, 85% of the annual plan;
• Excise duty - GEL 1.6 billion, 81% of the annual plan;
• Import tax - GEL 99 million, 88% of the annual plan.

The budget performance report also talks about privatization, this year the government expects income of GEL 300 million from the sale of state property, but property only worth of GEL 156 million has been sold in 12 months, which is only 52% of the annual plan.

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