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I Listen Less To Lavrov's Statements, AS He Is Not A Well-Wisher Of Georgia - Kakauridze

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia states that the resumption of flights between Russia and Georgia and the cancellation of the visa regime was agreed with the Government of Georgia.

As Sergey Lavrov notes in an interview with Tass, the current authorities of Tbilisi are interested in normalizing relations with Russia.

Regarding the mentioned statement, at the meeting of the Human Rights Protection and Civil Integration Committee, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Giorgi Kakauridze said that he does not listen to Lavrov, as he is not a well-wisher of Georgia.

"I listen less to Lavrov's statements, because he is not well-wisher of Georgia. He will never make a good statement for our country, and it would be very good if we don't repeat his statements", Giorgi Kakauridze said.