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Imports Of Motor Oils And Aviation Kerosene Increased In 1H2023

10.07.23 17:00
In 1H2023, imports of motor oils and aviation kerosene increased, - according to the Union of Oil Products Importers.

Namely, in January-June of this year, the imports of lubricants amounted to 11.26 thousand tons, which was 1.37 thousand tons or 13.9% more compared to the indicator of the same period of the previous year (9.89 thousand tons).

In addition, during 6M2023, the largest volume of lubricants was imported from Turkey - 2.40 thousand tons, which was 21.3% of all imports, followed by Iran - 2.27 thousand tons (20.2%); Germany - 1.29 thousand tons (11.5%), Azerbaijan - 0.69 thousand tons (6.1%); and others.

During January-June 2023, the imports of aviation oil amounted to 54.6 thousand tons, which was 0.3 thousand tons or 0.5% more than the indicator of the same period of 2022 (54.3 thousand tons).

Among them, during 6 months of the current year, 47.1% (25.7 thousand tons) of aviation oil was imported from Turkmenistan, 22.9% (12.5 thousand tons) - from Azerbaijan; 18.1% (9.9 thousand tons) - from Greece, 11.2% (6.1 thousand tons) - from Turkey, 0.7% (0.4 thousand tons) - from Malta.