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Income Received From Tourism Exceeded The Pre-Pandemic Level In 11M - The NBG

Natia Taktakishvili
15.12.22 19:00
In 11M2022, Georgia received an income of USD 3,159.6 million from tourism, which means that it exceeded the pre-pandemic figure, the income received by Georgia from international travelers in 11 months amounted to USD 3,051.4 million, - according to the data from the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).

According to statistics, in November of this year, Georgia received USD 305.0 million from international travelers, while the figure in 2021 was USD 111.0 million, in 2020 - USD 12.9 million and in 2019 - USD 201.7 million.

As for the countries from which the most money came in, Russia is in first place with USD 109.1 million. Turkey is on the second place with USD 45.6 million, and on the third place is Ukraine - with USD 26.5 million. In November, the country received a total of USD 19.7 million from international travelers from EU countries.

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