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Logic Of Extending Work-Time By 1 Hour Is Unclear - Business

Natia Taktakishvili
06.10.21 10:30
Yesterday, the Interagency Coordination Council took decision to extend working hours of food facilities until 23:00.

Meriko Gubeladze, the founder of restaurant Black Lion, evaluates the government's decision and says that it does not change much for restaurants.

"Unfortunately, the logic of extending working time by one hour is very unclear. I can’t understand how it hurts or improves the epidemic condition. Thus, except that we are not allowed to work fully, nothing changes, we are still limited. People finish services late and they are not allowed to come to restaurants.

It would be more logical, the government to impose regulations that would make the restaurant a "green space" where people simply cannot enter without a vaccination certificate or PCR test - this is the European model. For example, you can't use the public transport in Turkey without a PCR test or vaccination certificate”, said Meriko Gubeladze.

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