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Mandatory Jabs Will Have A Positive Effect On Vaccination Pace – Chkhaidze

06.10.21 13:30

Ivane Chkhaidze, head of the pediatric department of the Iashvili Clinic, says that the mandatory jabs of certain groups will be a step forward and will have a positive impact on the pace of vaccination.

“Population is relaxed, but it does not apply only to Georgia. This the psychology of people, they are no longer as scared as 1 year ago. A large part of the population has no fear and their choice on vaccination is related to this.

It would be great if the measures already planned by the Interagency Council would have results, although I think there is more to be done. I think that compulsory vaccination will be a step forward in certain groups and will significantly increase the vaccination process,"- said Ivane Chkhaidze.
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