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Meta boss Zuckerberg takes a swipe at rival Apple

მარკ ცუკერბერგი
15.02.24 11:30

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has taken a personal swipe at rival company Apple's new headset.

The Vision Pro grabbed headlines as celebrities including Diplo and T-Pain wore it in public, with the "passthrough" feature allowing them to see their surroundings while using it.

But in a video shot using the Meta Quest 3's own passthrough, Zuckerberg insisted his company's headset is "the best product, period".

Apple has been approached for comment.

Passthrough is a feature used by the most recent mixed reality headsets, which allows people to see beyond the screen strapped to their head.

By utilising cameras on the outside of the headset, users are given a live, high-definition video feed of their surroundings - meaning they can wear a headset while walking or exercising.

Meta has been working on this technology for the better part of a decade, and it also features on rival products such as Sony's PlayStation VR 2.

But it is clearly the source of frustration for Zuckerberg that the Vision Pro is being praised over technology that exists elsewhere.

"I think Quest is the better product, period," he said.

"It seems like there are a lot of people who just assumed that Vision Pro would be higher quality because it's Apple and it costs $3,000 (£2,400) more.

"But honestly, I'm pretty surprised that Quest is so much better for the vast majority of things that people use these headsets for with that price differential."

It comes as several people have started to post on social media about returning their Apple headsets, with product manager Parker Ortolani among those praising the device but saying the "physical trade-offs are just not worth it".

Source: BBC

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