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How Much Revenue Did Republican Hospital have?

Natia Taktakishvili

27.03.23 15:58 271 ნახვა

The Ministry of Health is planning to reorganize the largest clinic it owns - the Republican Hospital. During the rehabilitation process of the clinic, the hospital will be closed and will not serve patients.

The Republican Hospital is located in the center of Tbilisi, in Vazha Pshavela street. It owns 7.7 hectares of land, on which buildings with an area of 64,168 square meters are placed.

The clinic has published its financial report for 2021. According to the document, the clinic received an income of GEL 59 million during the period from medical activity. Also, the clinic had other income of GEL 35 million GEL and deferred income of GEL 9 million. The total income was GEL 103 million.

From the received income, the company spent GEL 23.5 million on remunerations of employees, the cost of medical goods was GEL 40.2 million, and utility expenses were GEL 3.2 million.

Taking these costs into account, the clinic will have a net profit of GEL 31.8 million in 2021. Therefore, during that period, the state clinic was profitable.

As for its assets, it amounts to GEL 81.3 million, which also includes the assets of Rukhi Hospital, which is legally the property of the Republican Hospital.
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