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More than 70% of production is exported - Baia's Wine

Baia's Wine declares that more than 70% of production is exported. Since 2017, Baia's Wine is exported to 15 countries. Speaking about the first steps, winemaker Baia Abuladze notes that attending festivals is very important, noting that from 2015 until today, they have gone through various stages in order to sell the wine abroad.

"The first stage was the production sustainability; we worked a lot on that. The second stage was the exports, more than 70% of our production is exported to 15 countries since 2017. The third stage was involvement in tourism, and we started this stage from 2018 — tourism and culinary tours", Baia Abuladze said.

According to her, American and Singaporean customers don't know who is making wine, they appreciate the taste, quality and stability of the product. As she notes, Baia's wine is made with the traditional method, which causes great interest among foreign customers.

At this stage, Baia's wine is exported to America, European Union countries, Northern European countries, Great Britain, Ireland, Asian countries China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.