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One Body Found, Two Missing After Flooding In Guria Region


Rescuers have found one body in the disaster-affected area in the Guria region, while efforts to locate two missing individuals are still underway, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

The body was found during the search operation in the village of Jumati.

“The torrential rain has led to overflowing riverbeds, landslides, and extensive damage to residential buildings, bridges, and roads connecting villages in the Guria region.

Various units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are actively engaged in addressing the disaster, with the necessary equipment mobilized for the task.

Residents in the affected area have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel and to follow the instructions provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel on-site.

During the ongoing search and rescue operations, the body of one minor has been discovered in the village of Jumati. The search for the two missing individuals is ongoing.

Public Security Management Center 112 disseminates the public safety messages to inform residents in the surrounding areas of the Guria region,” the Ministry stated.

Heavy rain has caused significant problems in the Guria region of Georgia. In numerous villages, the heavy flooding has impacted the ground floors of homes, yards, and agricultural areas, causing damage to residents’ household items and equipment.

Additionally, landslides in Lanchkhuti have isolated around ten houses from the rest of the area. Local authorities in the municipalities of Lanchkhuti and Ozurgeti have mobilized relevant services to address this situation.

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