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Parliament Elects Two New NBG Board Members

The Parliament of Georgia has elected Nana Keinishvili and Teimuraz Khomeriki as members of the Board of the National Bank (NBG), nominated by the President.

Both candidates received overwhelming support in the vote, with 84 MPs voting for Nana Keinishvili and 82 MPs voting for Teimuraz Khomeriki.

However, it’s worth noting the candidates did not attend the joint session of the financial-budgetary and sectoral economy and economic policy committees where their candidacies were to be discussed.

Giorgi Makhiladze, the Parliamentary Secretary of the President, noted at the committee session that the Georgian President deems it inappropriate to nominate new candidates in Parliament until certain issues are addressed. In particular, the relevant order by the Acting President is revoked, and the situation surrounding the National Bank is rectified.

Even though the candidates did not attend the meeting, a vote took place, and the committee members did not support them.

As of now, there are only seven members on the Board of the National Bank of Georgia instead of nine. Three NBG Board members resigned yesterday, though the decision will take effect in two months, from November 21st, as per the law.