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Pashinyan stated that Armenia's economy is growing beyond its potential

Arshaluis Mgdesyan
18.03.24 11:45

According to the results of 2023, Armenia recorded an economic growth of over 8%, however, economists believe that the growth dynamics of the Armenian economy exceed its actual potential. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this at a meeting of the Council on Economic Policy in the Armenian resort town of Dilijan on March 16.

According to him, overall, economists believe that Armenia's economy in recent years has been demonstrating performance beyond its potential or showing higher results.

"But on the other hand, economists also agree with the statement that economic growth, in turn, increases our economic potential. And now one of the most important tasks of the government is to direct policy towards increasing this economic potential and creating opportunities for its realization," Pashinyan said, as reported by the Armenian government's press service.

Education is of paramount importance in the context of increasing economic potential, according to Pashinyan.

"At the same time, our political and conceptual perception is that when we talk about education, we should not understand it fragmentarily: we should consider education, from preschool or kindergarten to university and postgraduate, in one strategy and in one strategic logic," explained Nikol Pashinyan.

It is worth reminding that the government of Armenia formed after the extraordinary parliamentary elections of 2021, chaired by Nikol Pashinyan, set itself the task of ensuring an average annual economic growth rate of 7% in the period from 2021 to 2026.

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