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"Porsche Center Tbilisi" Presented The Latest Porsche Cayenne Model

ალდაგის მხარდაჭერით ,,პორშე ცენტრი თბილისმა“ Porsche Cayenne-ის უახლესი მოდელი წარადგინა

Porsche Center Tbilisi presented the latest model of the third-generation Porsche Cayenne with the support of insurance company Aldagi's premium brand Primo.

Primo is the first personal insurance service in Georgia, within the framework of which the owner of the insured vehicle has a personal manager at Aldagi and enjoys exclusive conditions for insurance, including service at authorized service centers for 5 years, as well as concierge service.

"Porsche Center Tbilisi events are always interesting and important for us. Today, we are represented by Aldagi's premium brand - Primo, which is a personal insurance service and is new to the industry. With the Primo service, we try to adapt even more to the needs of customers, which includes a number of special offers and different conditions. Among them are a personal manager, concierge service and others," - Ketevan Goliashvili, head of Aldagi's PR department said.

Sales of the latest model of the third-generation Porsche Cayenne began internationally on the same day. With the updated model, Porsche has taken its premium cars to a higher level.