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"Uncertainty hurts tourism more than the pandemic”

15.01.21 10:30

Shalva Alaverdashvili, the founder of the Hotels and Restaurants Association told TV-Program Business Course, that uncertainty hurts tourism more than the pandemic. Despite, the government announces opening of several sectors, tourism is nowhere considered.

Alaverdashvili declares that the sector took clear promise in December that the mountain resorts would be closed until January 31, after which they could open. He notes that opening a hotel and restaurant does not simply mean turning the key.

"We have started advertising campaigns, announcing that we will receive tourists in February. However, based on yesterday's announcement, we heard that tourism was not even considered. Do we want tourism in this country at all? 300 thousand people are unemployed. Uncertainty hurts the sector more than the pandemic. Today we should know whether we will open in February or not, we will have to collect the staff, prepare the facility. Our main problem is lack of expectations," Alaverdashvili said.

The founder of the Hotels and Restaurants Association notes, that February passes soon and March will come, when Tbilisi is completely filled with tourists.

“We need to know whether to prepare for this time or not. Our partners want to know what is planned for March, they declare that in the case of the exact answer the country will be filled with tourists in a month," Shalva Alavberdashvili said.

Alaverdashvili declares, that the country must learn to live with the pandemic, like Turkey and Dubai.

“What did they lose? Learned to live with a pandemic. Let's sit together and discuss. Similar issues cannot be resolved by sitting down and discussing with 4-5 people”, Alaverdashvili said.
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