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Silk Road Group Releases Statement on Murder of Businessman Levan Kacharava

Tatia Kakiashvili
26.06.22 13:50
Silk Road Group releases a statement regarding the murder of businessman Levan Kacharava, which we offer in full:

“Silk Road Group is deeply saddened to hear the news of Levan Kacharava’s tragic death. The thoughts and sympathies of the entire company are with his family at this very difficult and upsetting time.

Levan was with Silk Road Group from the very beginning as one of the company’s founders and board members.

From 2006 onwards Levan successfully ran his own business unrelated to the Silk Road Group.

We will always remember Levan as our dear friend and a generous and noble soul.
We hope that Levan’s murder will be thoroughly investigated in a timely manner and that the perpetrators are brought to justice for this senseless and horrific crime” - It is written in the statement.

For information: On June 24, late in the evening, businessman Levan Kachava was killed in a car in Bagebi, Tbilisi. The businessman's car was shot on the road connecting Vake-Tskneti.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigation has been launched on charges of premeditated murder and illegal purchase, storage and carrying of weapons.

Levan Kacharava was a business partner of businessman Giorgi Ramishvili and a co-founder of the Silk Road Group. He severed ties with the company in the 2000s and in 2013 founded his logistics company Multiplex Petrolia Logistics Solutions BV. The companies included in the group carry out shipments, including from Georgia to the Central Asian region and are involved in various infrastructure-logistics projects.