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Tbilisi City Hall To Buy 160 New 18-M Long Buses

26.04.23 17:00
Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze on Wednesday said his office would purchase 160 new 18-metre-long buses “in the first stage” of the latest push to update and expand the public transport fleet in the Georgian capital.

Kaladze said the new vehicles were planned to be purchased throughout 2024, with the first batch to be delivered until the end of April of next year and the rest arriving before the end of the year.

"Passenger traffic volumes in the capital are increasing significantly. Considering this, we decided to buy 18-metre buses. Improving the quality of public transport services - which was in a dire condition [before] - is our most important priority. In the years prior, no-one thought in this direction”, he added.

The City Hall will spend about GEL 245 million on bringing the new buses to the city.