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The Gov't Plans To Ban Surrogacy For Foreign Citizens

12.06.23 16:00

According to Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, surrogacy in Georgia will be allowed only for Georgian citizens. As Garibashvili explained at the Government meeting, the bill to regulate the mentioned issue has already been sent to the Parliament.

"A large part of the society is worried, and it is a more complex issue, as it is related to the safety of our citizens and the image of the country, etc. This is the issue of surrogacy. Some time ago, we created a council working on demographic issues. One of the problematic issues that has been highlighted is surrogacy and the problems related to it in general. You know that foreign citizens have turned this issue into a business, and in recent years, there is no regulation at all regarding this issue. We studied European examples. Zurab Azarashvili's office has been working on this topic for a long time. I would like to give you examples, in such developed countries as France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, I will not continue anymore, surrogacy is completely, completely prohibited. There are countries where this hybrid model partially exists, allowed in countries such as Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

We had a discussion about it. According to the new draft law, we want it to be allowed only for citizens of Georgia, that is, foreign citizens will no longer be able to order, I do not want to say it harshly, but there are orders made. This is also happening online, there are too many advertisements, and we think it is very disturbing to leave this issue unregulated. Recently, we had a discussion about this at the Government meeting, there are too many advertisements and our citizens, ladies are offered the so-called profitable business. After that, no one knows who takes the child born here, which couple in general... There is information that same-sex couples may take the children born here, and there can be a lot of problems. Other difficulties were solved by our agency, the Ministry of Health. Therefore, this needs to be regulated," Garibashvili said.

According to him, the Ministry of Health will report additional information on the above to the public.

"The corresponding bill has been sent to the Parliament and I hope that the Parliament will support this initiative. It is necessary to be regulated. I repeat, this will only be allowed for our citizens, the citizens of Georgia. I know there are many people who do not have children, so they resort to the surrogacy method, and of course, this should be allowed for them, for Georgian citizens in Georgia. Of course, it will help demography, and in general, I think we should leave this opportunity to our citizens."
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