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The Hotel Worked With 100% Load For The New Year - "Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi"


Mariam Kutateladze, sales director of Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi declares that the New Year was even more special, as the hotel worked with 100% load.

According to her, various events were held at Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi for the New Year. The hotel sold New Year packages, which included New Year's dinner and accommodation in the room. However, it was also possible to attend only the New Year's event, for which separate packages were sold.

"The New Year's event was mostly attended by foreign guests. As for the local guests, they did not stay in the hotel and visited us only for entertainment.

In January, we no longer have a New Year's entertainment event, and in general, this month is not active either. The reason for this is that people celebrate the New Year and then rest. At the end of the month, small business events are planned, such as press conferences, etc", Kutateladze states.

As for prices, the sales director notes that in 2023, due to the current economic situation in the country, prices had to increase by 10% compared to 2019.

As the hotel's sales director points out, there is a problem of good personnel in the sector, which was caused by COVID-19. Accordingly, their goal for 2024 is to create a much better and more positive environment in order to retain the existing staff.