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The state spent 32.5 mln GEL on quarantine spaces – the government’s report

05.06.20 11:14
A total of 32.5 million GEL was spent on quarantine spaces in Georgia from the state budget, reads the report of the measures taken by the government of Georgia against COVID-19.

As of May 22 quarantine spaces included 84 hotels with over 6,500 rooms which served 19,002 people in quarantine.

"The project supported the operations of 23 small (5-40 rooms), 42 middle sized (41-100 rooms) and 18 large hotels (101 rooms and more), which ensured that both the representatives of the sector and the people employed in the sector maintain their jobs and incomes", reads the report.

In total the government of Georgia negotiated with over 300 hotels in the country. In the process of selecting a hotel as a quarantine space, the Georgian government relied on the criteria of the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

Hotels were used as quarantine spaces beginning on March 10, 2020.

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