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There are no injured; this is very good - Tbilisi Mayor

23.02.21 14:30

Georgian police arrested Nika Melia, chairman of the main opposition party early this morning in the UNM office.

The representatives of the Georgian government declare that the police acted in compliance with the law, while the opposition announces rallies.

According to Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, the most important is that no one injured during the operation and this is very good. He notes that today has shown that we are not yet agreed on elementary state principles.

Kaladze declares that there is no alternative to dialogue and radicalization must end.

As for the criticism of international partners, Kaladze said that the goal of the Georgian Dream is to become a member of the big family, which is called Europe, as soon as possible.

"It is wrong as if we have deviated from the path. We must become a member of this big family as soon as possible, we must carry out reforms and everything must be done for the membership of the European family, "Kaladze said.
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