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TOP-10 Companies By Energy Consumption

25.05.22 12:00

Electricity consumption in Georgia increased by 12% and reached 5 terawatt hours in 4 months. According to a report published by ESCO, Energo Pro subscribers consumed 1.25 terawatts of electricity, while Telasi subscribers consumed 960 million kilowatt hours.

Some of the largest companies operating in Georgia buy electricity directly on the wholesale market without the engagement of "Telasi" and "Energo Pro". This status has been granted to 35 companies and they consumed a total of 1.33 million kilowatt hours of electricity in 1Q2022.

According to ESCO, Georgian Manganese consumed the most electricity among the companies - 411 million kilowatt hours, which was 8% of Georgia's total consumption in Q1. In second place is Bitfurry, which is engaged in cryptocurrency mining in the Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone, its consumption mounted to 130.9 million kilowatt hours.

TOP-10 Companies By Energy Consumption

1 "Zestaponi Ferroalloy Plant" - 411 million kilowatt hours;
2 "BFDC" (Bitfury Georgia) - 130.9 million kilowatt hours;
3 "Rustavi Nitrogen" -88.4 million kilowatt hours;
4 "Rustavi Steel" - 72 million kilowatt hours;
5 "HeidelbergCement Georgia" - 59.3 million kilowatt hours;
6 "Georgian Railway" - 57.3 million kilowatt hours;
7 "Georgian Water and Power" - 54 million kilowatt hours;
8 "ChiaturManganum Georgia" - 48.4 million kilowatt hours;
9 "IT Lab" - 46.8 million kilowatt hours;
10 "IT Corp" - 42.1 million kilowatt hours.
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