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Tourist flow to Azerbaijan up by 37%

23.08.23 15:00

Azerbaijan received 1,143,600 tourists from 183 countries in January-July 2023, 37.4% more than the previous year, Report informs, citing the State Statistical Committee.

Among the tourists, 32.8% came from Russia, 18.2% from Türkiye, 7.4% from Iran, 4.9% from India, 4.7% from Georgia, 3.9% from Saudi Arabia, 2.4% from Kazakhstan, 2.3% from Pakistan, 2.1% from the UAE, 1.8% from Uzbekistan, 1.5% from each of Ukraine and Israel, 1.4% from Belarus, 1.3% from Kuwait, 1.2% from each of the UK and Turkmenistan, and 11.4% from other countries. Men constituted 70.5%, while women comprised 29.5% of the foreigners.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of arrivals from China increased by 8.3 times, from India by 2.6 times, Belarus by 2 times, Uzbekistan by 1.9 times, Kazakhstan 1.8 times, Russia by 1.7 times, Israel by 44.2%, US by 38.7%, Georgia by 34.5%, Great Britain by 29.2%, Kuwait by 26.6%, Türkiye by 18.8%, the UAE by 15.8%, and Pakistan by 6.3%.

Compared to a year earlier, the number of tourists from the CIS countries grew by 1.7-fold to 477,100, from EU member states by 36.5% to 57,200, and from Gulf countries by 8.6% to 185,400.

Some 71.1% of foreigners and stateless persons who came to Azerbaijan used air, 27.6% used railway and automobile, and 1.3% used sea transport.

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