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Tourist flow to Azerbaijan up by 60%

23.05.23 18:28
The number of tourists Azerbaijan received from 168 countries in 2022 was 522,900, 1.6 times more than the previous year, the State Statistical Committee said.

Among the tourists, 31.7% came from Russia, 20.9% from Turkiye, 8.4% from Iran, 5.5% from Georgia, 5% from India, 2.3% from Pakistan, 2.2% from the UAE, 2% from Kazakhstan, 1.8% from Uzbekistan, 1.7% from Saudi Arabia, 1.6% from each of Ukraine and Belarus, 1.3% from Turkmenistan, 1.2% from Kuwait, and 12.8% from other countries. Men constituted 75.8%, while women comprised 24.2% of the foreigners.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of arrivals from China increased by 4.3 times, from India by 42 times, Turkmenistan by 3.8 times, Uzbekistan and Belarus by 3.3 times, Kazakhstan by 2.1 times, Pakistan and Russia by 1.9 times, Great Britain by 1.9 times, the Netherlands by 1.9 times, Israel by 1.8 times, the US by 1.7 times, Oman by 1.6 times, Kuwait by 48.9%, the UAE by 44.5%, Georgia by 43.8%, and Türkiye by 31%.

In contrast to a year earlier, the number of tourists from the CIS countries grew by 1.9-fold to 213,400, from EU member states by 1.7 times to 27,600, and from Gulf countries by 4% to 76,200, Report informs.

A total of 493,100 people traveled abroad from Azerbaijan in January-April 2023, which is 23.2% higher than the same period last year.

According to the Committee, the number of Azerbaijani citizens who traveled to Russia increased by 1.8 times, to Georgia by 41.6%, to Türkiye by 5.5%, and the number of those who went to Iran decreased by 26.5%. 38.9% of the Azerbaijanis who travelled abroad visited Türkiye, 24.1% visited Russia, 9.4% traveled to Georgia, 7.8% to Georgia, and 19.8% opted for other countries. Men accounted for 69.6%, and women for 30.4% of all those who traveled abroad.

29.5% of Azerbaijani citizens who visited foreign countries in January-April 2023 used railway and car, 67.8% air, and 2.7% sea transport.