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Vasil Khorava: fuel sales decreased by 35% -40% in April-May

01.06.20 18:21
Fuel sales fell by 35% -40% in April and the first half of May. However, in some cases it had been even further, Vasil Khorava, CEO of Wissol told TV-program Business Morning.

He said that despite the pandemic, import volumes were more or less maintained, although fuel demand from consumers was reduced.

"During the February-March period, before the pandemic, when we saw the risks, we did even more to fill the balances in order to be flexible and resilient. A 1% -2% decrease in oil imports is a permissible amplitude that has always been characteristic, despite the pandemic; the volume of imports is still maintained. In the peak period, when lockdown was announced, sale of fuel has been reduced by 35% -40% in the first half of April and May,”said Vasil Khorava.

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