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Georgia Has Become Closer To Europe Than Ever Before - Soso Pkhakadze

Natiko Taktakishvili
30.04.24 17:11

Soso Pkhakadze, co-founder of Wissol and President of the "Business Association of Georgia" declares that as a result of the government's efforts, Georgia has become closer to Europe than ever before.

The businessman responds to the events related to the "Russian Law" on social media and notes that transparency and openness play an important role in business and other activities.

"I considered it necessary to express my attitude towards the current political events as a citizen of this country, a businessman and a person actively involved in public life, in particular business and economic processes.

I think that over the years, as a result of the significant efforts of the government, Georgia, like never before in our history, has come closer to Europe, which was reflected in the association agreement and the implementation of the agenda provided for in this agreement, within the framework of which a number of effective steps were taken to bring closer to European legislation, safe and competitive, healthy business. In terms of creating an environment, transparent, accessible, simplified public services and public administration system.

All this ultimately brought us visa liberalization. At the end of last year, we all celebrated the granting of candidate status as a fulfillment of the unwavering will of the Georgian people!

Naturally, in business or other activities, transparency and openness are extremely important. However, let's not forget that the civil conflict, which often took place since the 90s, put our country in the hardest mode and left us many years behind the developed world.

We should also remember that complex processes are taking place in the world, especially in our region, which makes the environment already fragile. The reasonable approaches of the country's government ensure peace, stability, economic growth in the country, and it is important to avoid any destabilization, which will only harm the interests of our country.

As one of the citizens of this country, I am sure that our country will become a member of the European family, and it will be a joint victory for all of Georgia and its citizens!

I wish success to our country on its way to Europe", writes Soso Pkhakadze.

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