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It Was Successful To Replace The Russian Product With The European One - BAG

სოსო ფხაკაძე

Soso Pkhakadze, president of the Business Association of Georgia and co-founder of "Wissol" declares that oil product price will be unchanged until the end of the year despite Russia's ban on gasoline export.

Soso Pkhakadze says that it was possible to replace Russian products with European ones without any problem.

"Russia still stopped gasoline exports. We also discussed this issue at the conference. We expect that the price of fuel will be unchanged by the end of the year. It was very successful to replace the Russian product with the European one. There was no problem either with the quantity or the price," said Pkhakadze.

Russia, which is the largest supplier of oil and oil products to Georgia, banned the export of gasoline outside the member states of the Customs Union from March 1.

Between January and February, 2024, Georgia purchased oil and oil products worth USD 187.01 million. Of this, USD 108.6 million came from Russia.

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