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We Are Planning Price Increase - Company "Plantation"

08.05.23 11:00

Tea-producing company "Plantation" plans to increase product price due to the expensive raw and packaging materials. Accordingly, the company will increase product price by over 10%. In addition, the brand plans to build a new enterprise.

"We have a preferential agro-credit and very soon we will start building a new enterprise, which will be located on a land area of 200 square meters. In addition, we want to introduce the ISO standard," - says the founder of "Plantation" Lana Zhgenti.

According to her, blueberry, black and green tea will appear under of brand "Plantation" from September.

Tea producing company's cover 5 hectares and they have a micro-enterprise located on 50 square meters, they invested GEL 300 thousand in the enterprise project. Currently, Plntation's products are only available through online platforms.
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