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How Much Tea Did Georgia Sell In Mongolia?

05.01.23 13:00

In January-November 2022, 2,002 tons of tea USD 4.2 million worth were exported from Georgia. This volume is slightly less compared to 11M2021 (11M2021 - USD 4.3 million, 2 158 tons).

During this period, Georgia received the largest income from the exports of tea to Azerbaijan, although the largest amount in terms of volume was exported to Mongolia. The ranking of export markets according to value is as follows:

1. Azerbaijan - USD 1.8 million, 236 tons;
2. Ukraine - USD 628 thousand, 316 tons;
3. Mongolia - USD 412 thousand, 628 tons;
4. Belarus - USD 262 thousand, 121 tons;
5. Kazakhstan - USD 237 thousand, 413 tons;

During this period, Georgian tea was sold in small quantities in Kazakhstan, Germany, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia and other countries.

The situation is different in terms of tea imports. According to the data of 11M2022, USD 9.2 million was spent to buy 2,250 tons of tea, which was higher than last year's figure (USD 8 million, 2,362 tons). In this case, the main importing countries are Azerbaijan and Russia.

TOP-5 Tea Importing Countries:

1. Azerbaijan - USD 4.7 million, 653 tons;
2. Russia - USD 1.9 million, 275 tons;
3. Sri Lanka - USD 1 million, 132 tons;
4. Iran - USD 403 thousand, 331 tons;
5. Turkey - USD 342 thousand, 1 089 tons;

In addition to these countries, tea was imported from the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Austria and in small quantities from other countries.
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