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We Are Working On Launching An Electronic Platform - "Eski"

30.05.23 16:00

The social concept store "Eski" is working on the launch of the electronic platform - Salome Kusiani, executive director of the "Social Enterprise Alliance" and co-founder of "Eski", spoke about this while visiting TV-program "Women's Narrative".

"Eski" helps those social enterprises, which do not have their own space to sell their products.

"There was always a great demand from the customer to have the opportunity to buy the products of social enterprises in one space, that's why we opened our store, where the customer will meet a variety of things, including ceramic products, wooden toys, paintings, accessories, bags, socks, etc., we try to offer affordable prices to the customers, in many cases foreign customers are more active," she explained.

At this stage, the social concept store offers more than 350 items of handmade products from more than 25 social enterprises.
საფონდო ბირჟები
საფონდო ბირჟები