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We are working to update the existing IMF program or start a new one from next year - Kakauridze

გიორგი კაკაურიძე

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Giorgi Kakauridze, has announced that the suspended IMF program will start next year in its existing or a new form. Kakauridze said that a discussion will be held in October which form is more acceptable.

"It doesn't matter if a new program starts or the existing one continues. The mission of the IMF has a new head. We met a few days ago and we will start working to either update the existing program or start a new one from next year. We think that the program will not be updated until the end of the year. Probably in October, there will be an annual meeting and there will be a discussion about this.

Then we will decide together, whether the existing program is better or the new one. We don't consider receiving any financial resources from this program, and this is simply to continue reforms in the country. The content and purpose will not change. In October, at the annual meeting, the details of what they think, how the management structure in the National Bank should be changed, etc. will be announced. Perhaps we will discuss this together with the National Bank", - Giorgi Kakauridze.

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