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We Offer Chinese Companies Quarantine Space In Georgia – Alaverdashvili

28.10.21 14:30

Chinese companies, which work in Europe and need the third country for quarantine, Shalva Alaverdashvili, Director of the Georgian Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Association declares that they offer quarantine space in Georgia.

As Alaverdashvili explains, Georgia, should use the opportunity of a transit country and host the workforce of Chinese companies that travel to Europe.

"Employees of Chinese companies working in Europe need a third country where they will go a three-week quarantine in order to enter Europe. Negotiations are underway with these people. Now we have to negotiate on the flights and these people will arrive in Georgia, after a three-week quarantine they will leave for Europe. This is a joint operation of European and Chinese companies and we must be a third country, we must try to find ourselves in the middle of this traffic, to bring these people and overcome the winter", Shalva Alaverdashvili explained.

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